Frequently Asked


How much does it really cost?

A 10 minute video with one girl starts at $200. The rate depends largely on the content and the number of models - male or female - you need to make your fantasies come alive on your screen, and, of course, the length of the shoot. The more hardcore you request, the higher the price. The more models you want in the video, the more your video will cost you. We charge per edited minute, so the longer the video, the higher the charge, although the cost per minute after the first 10 minutes is lower. Best is to use our contact form on this site and let us know what you are looking for. We will give you a quote within 24 business hours.

Do you shoot in HD or Standard?

We  shoot in full HD but can also film in standard if requested.

How do you deliver the video to me, and when?

We can render your video in any of the common video formats, including formats for HDTV. The videos are usually delivered for download but if you prefer, we can also deliver your video on a DVD. Delivery is usually within 10 business days after your payment has been received, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the models you selected and the props or location(s) needed for your script

Do you really shoot whatever I want?

If it is legal and our model(s) are comfortable with it, we produce it. 

Can I really select the models and will they really be in my video?

Generally, yes. If we cannot get the model(s) you selected for your script, we will let you know and offer other options. Please be aware that most models have certain limits to what they are prepared to shoot. Our model lists show each model's limits. Some models may not always be available immediately as they have regular jobs, are travelling or live further away. The Top Models are usually available. It is best to give us a choice of models.

Do I have to write the script myself?

No, if you prefer you can just give us a general outline of what you would like to see in your video and we will write the detailed script. We never shoot without a script.