What our customers say

"Thanks a lot! It is perfect, even better than I had imagined. Every frame is worth the cost. The camera angle is perfect, the editing is slick,  and sound quality, location, par excellence. You look gorgeous, beautiful and classy as always. You have perfectly translated the thoughts, in all faculties." S. India

"Thanks again for shooting this wonderful masterpiece of a video; I absolutely loved it. Also enjoyed my name in the end credits. Expect further business from me." Brad, USA 

"The video is great. The HD quality is really superb. Your acting is very good and the camera work is excellent, too." O., USA

"I got the video the other day and have really enjoyed it. You looked fantastic and did a great job. Thanks again for doing this!" Kevin, USA 


"About the video , that I watched in its details with lots of pleasure, I must say you are incredible, Nikki and you. Just perfect, nice, sexy and very hot." Fabien, France

"I really like the video. You all acted great. Thanks a lot again." Clement, Germany

"Wow! Just downloaded and watched Dream Dancer (great title!) . Thanks so much for  a beautiful video, perfect in every way,  you girls looked so good. Great quality also." Vanessa and Vince, Australia

"The video was incredible. Not only did you include everything I'd asked for, you went beyond and exceeded all of my expectations." David, USA

"Great movies, you look beautiful, congratulation. Is exciting watch you. You have a new fan in Europe!" Alex, Spain

"I am more than happy with the video! The agreement was for 30 minutes and you gave me 52 wonderful “Tatiana” minutes. You did not only play the Baroness very well, you WERE the baroness. Zsuzsa also played her part extremely well. Everything in my script was covered. Camera work and angles were also as I had asked for. And Tatiana's accent I so cute!" Michael, Germany


"WOW, what a fantastic job on the sea monster video. This is the best custom I have ever had in every detail. Nikki is fabulous! Thanl you so much for going to all the trouble to get the video to me in a format I can use. You are the BEST!" N.B. USA